Schottish Babe

Nope, she is not really Schottish, I’m afraid.

But she was very sympathetic anyway.  One of the animators during my teambuilding.  Funny: as long as we had her we were winning.

Motivation is everything.






I need your help.  I’m trying to figure out what I find attractive in this photo.

The young lady?  She is not at all bad looking, of course.  But I could have asked her to pose in a better way, I could have taken a photo of her from the top of her head down to her freshly painted toenails.  And with a better background.  But I didn’t.  I wanted to take this photo just as I took it.  I like it.  I like the messy setting.  Shop window in the background, rocks, grass, horrible fencing…

Am I going mad?  What do you think?

The girl is French, by the way, enjoying a sunny weekend on the Belgian coastline.  It is not a snapshot, she is in fact posing for me.  I just wanted to make it look like a snapshot.





Running Young Women

Those of you who may remember my Paris time, may know that I cannot resist taking pictures of running young women.

No, usually they are not running away from me.  A rather surprising fact, of course.

This babe was showing how fit she was on where once the walls round Brugge were.  I have a colleage who circles Brugge 3 times a week.




Et une belle photo de Sabrina

Sabrina is a colleague.  It doesn’t look like she was being told a funny joke by the look on her face.

But she is great fun, we had a good laugh.

Tom played well today.  But he had the bad luck of meeting the top seed in his second singles match.  He defended his honour well, but Mattias Raepsaet was the better of the two.

He and his partner went on winning two doubles, but they had a serious dip in the third and so I was home early 🙂  Better luch next time.