What I particulary like about Brugge is that you can find some unique examples of creative architecture there.  Like this house in the fork of a road.

Have a nice weekend, everyone!




Running Young Women

Those of you who may remember my Paris time, may know that I cannot resist taking pictures of running young women.

No, usually they are not running away from me.  A rather surprising fact, of course.

This babe was showing how fit she was on where once the walls round Brugge were.  I have a colleage who circles Brugge 3 times a week.




Religious Work of Art

Brugge is full of surprises.  Like this work of art on the side of a house on a street corner.  The work is dated 1760.  Obviously it has been restored.  I like the symbol of the allseeing eye.  God sees all.  Underneath the work of art is an inscription saying that one does not worship the work of art, but the Lord God it symbolises.




Sorry, Hildegarde, but I did not see any knight decorations in shop windows.  I avoided the shops, there were far too many people about.